Overview of CHELSA

Strategic aim

CHELSA aims to improve library and information services for public higher education and research in South Africa through adopting the following vision and mission:


To transform existing library practices in Higher Education to respond to existing and new realities and to lay the foundation for the development of a learning society


CHELSA strives through visionary and visible transformational leadership to ensure that the Higher Education sector is provided with optimal access to information for the purpose of learning, teaching, research and community development.

CHELSA will support knowledge management practices in academic and research libraries.


CHELSA is a non-profit organization established for the following public benefit objectives:

  1. To promote the role of libraries in Higher Education
  2. To foster academic and research librarianship through partnership
  3. To develop information access policies for Higher Education libraries
  4. To enhance the use oftechnology within the Higher Education library environment
  5. To develop an active quality assistance programme for Higher Education libraries
  6. To establish human resources development programmes
  7. To transform the Higher Education Library and Information Services in terms of their fitness forĀ purpose in a new era
  8. To ensure that all Higher Education libraries participate and contribute to community basedĀ services.
CHELSA documents
CHELSA Constitution 2014
CHELSA Strategic Plan 2013 - 2015
Memorandum of Understanding
Annual report 2014
Financial Reports