CHELSA Strategic Plan 2013 - 2015

7 May 2013

CHELSA Mission

To promote collaboration in South African higher education and research libraries in pursuit of their goals to support teaching, learning and research. CHELSA strives through visionary and visible transformational leadership to ensure that the higher education sector is provided with optimal access to information for the purpose of learning, teaching, research and community development. CHELSA will support knowledge management practices in academic and research libraries.


CHELSA, the Committee of Higher Education Libraries in South Africa, provides dynamic and strategic leadership in the consolidation, integration and streaming of academic and research libraries. It also identifies, creates and establishes a world identity as well as identifying areas of innovation for development and implementation. In order to realise its mission CHELSA will focus on:

  • The development of policies, norms and standards for SA Higher Education Libraries
  • The development of Quality Measurements and Performance Management Systems
  • Staff development, induction and succession planning
  • Scholarly communication

To remain relevant CHELSA will:

  • Keep abreast with national and international higher education and library trends and developments
  • Maintain an up-to-date website
  • Be a network organisation
  • Benchmark against Best Practices
  • Sustain a range of communities of practice

In the last two years CHELSA has engaged in discussions and conversation circles to plan and implement its strategic and business plan. The Committee agreed to have three specific focus areas and also established working groups to spearhead the development and implementation of programmes in the identified areas of:

  • Staff development
  • Supporting teaching and learning in an e-environment
  • Supporting research

It was also agreed that in 2013, the Committee will
“Provide leadership, strategic thinking and direct, inform and align key processes future of academic libraries in South Africa”.
To achieve this special emphasis will be on creation, alignment and sustaining a number of platforms. It will also be on advocacy, lobbying, networks, links and partnerships. Other immediate goals for 2013 were identified as:

  • The setting up of the CHELSA Office
  • Initiating official engagement with Higher Education South Africa (HESA)
  • Engaging SANLIC on a possible merger
  • Broadening membership to include research Councils
  • Involving deputy library directors in projects Setting up task team/committees to work on key areas of the organization